500 Later

Jacob MacDonald, 15, died today after eating a cookie that contain peanut last Saturday.

I followed this story all week, hoping and praying. His mother's heartbreaking post was forwarded to me earlier today. I looked Jacob's Facebook page...
So devastating to see his sweet face, especially with his young siblings. So many lives bludgeoned by this horrible disease.


We must remember his name. Jacob MacDonald. RIP. <3

"Halverson told KARE 11 her son was at a friend's house Saturday night and ate a cookie that contained a peanut. He came home an hour later and began vomiting.

"We got him an EpiPen, got him right to the hospital. And then it immediately impacted his lungs while we were at the hospital, and the lungs not working put him into cardiac arrest," Halverson said. 500 Later
MacDonald had been hospitalized at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.
Jacob has a younger brother and sister. His mother calls him a hard worker who lifts up others around him."
Please send your prayers to his family and if you are able to donate, you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/jacob-macdonalds-medical-expenses

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