Ascendance of a Bookworm

Get ready to have chill bumps!! The picture on the left was taken on my back porch on Saturday. My niece took a picture of her baby who is 5 months older than Rylee and who just happened to have gotten lucky enough to meet her at the hospital before she passed away. Notice that the snap chat app added another "bunny face" on his shirt. Now look closely ....the second picture is closeups of that second "bunny face"....... it's our Rylee! Look at the crease right beside the eye Ascendance of a Bookworm ... just like her eyebrow was- look at the cleftlip in the lip like she had ( even though it's on the wrong side- that could just be the app)- and look at that smile! Now tell me that's not her spirit shinning! I knew she hangs around my house alot bc of the small white feathers I find inside my house but now I have proof! I am on cloud nine right now! Thank you Brittany Harvey for capturing this for us!

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