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STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in pregnancy is very risky, as it poses great danger to the life of both the mother and her baby.
A mother can pass on some infections to her baby during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. There are some important things you must know about STDs in pregnancy. Please read.


1. Some STDs (like syphilis) can cross the placenta and infect a baby while in the uterus (womb).

2. STDs like gonorrhea, genital herpes, chlamydia, and hepatitis B can be transmitted from mother to baby during delivery through the birth canal.

3. HIV can cross the placenta during pregnancy, infect the baby during the birth and, unlike most STDs, can also infect the baby through breastfeeding.

4. A pregnant woman with STDs may have an early onset of labour, premature rupture of membranes, uterine infections after delivery, or a still birth.

5. Babies whose mothers have STD during pregnancy may suffer from low birth weight, eye infection (conjunctivitis), pneumonia, neonatal sepsis (blood infection), neurological damage, blindness, and liver diseases.

6. Treating an STD as soon as it is detected in pregnant women will make dangerous health outcomes less likely. Pregnant women should consult a health care provider for appropriate exam in at in, testing, and treatment, as necessary. Breaking up, No Joke

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