Implantation bleeding or light period...?

Ok so ill start off my saying i have 2 kids my daughter is 2 and my son is turning 1 in june , im still breastfeeding my son, i give him 1 bottle of formula once a day though. I have been on the mini pill since my son was around 3 months or so. I just recently got off of it a few weeks ago. Just a little more then a week ago me and my boyfriend (my kids father) had sex, use protection of course but notice after we where done , that the condom broke , and now its been 2 days since ive been spotting pinkish and brown blood . Im now on my third day and i only get a little bit of pinkish blood only when i wipe . So can this be my period finally returning ? Or can it be implantation bleeding ? When do most woman get there periods back when breastfeeding ? Conquest