Doctor Clairvoyant

When I was diagnosed with my Vestibular Disorder in 2003, I thought I was alone. I thought I was a rarity. I was so very wrong...
The odds are against us as it turns out. Around 50% of the population will experience Vertigo or another form of Vestibular Disorder by the age of 65.
I was initially treated by a Board Certified ENT and although my symptoms were severe for over one year (Vertigo, vomiting 24/7, falls resulting in 7 broken bones, etc.), he refused to ever give a diagnosis. Doctor Clairvoyant
How can this happen? Shouldn't a Board Certified ENT be able to diagnose a Vestibular Disorder? I certainly felt he should have.
As one of the 10 who began this petition, I ask you to please read it. Then, sign it.
Thank you sincerely!
Margaret Byrne