Gone with the Bustling World

Who? + Where? + Bait? + Result? = The Secret Formula

It 10:37 a.m on a Monday morning, and no matter what I told myself, I was unable to get out of bed. All the muscles in my body ached, although it didn't make sense. I knew that I wasn't sore from exercise because I hadn't worked out. I had a sickening feeling in my stomach that felt like flu, but i knew i wasn't sick. In my head I was Wishing I had a boss, so he could fire me and end this nightmare that i knew i had to face Gone with the Bustling World ... as soon as i finally manage to stumble out of bed.

How Had I gotten here?, Its was like a dream. just a few years earlier I had officially become an entrepreneur and launched my own company. And despite a lot of mistakes along the way, , I had learned a few tricks and was having success. The company I have started is profitable. We are serving people and making a difference, but for some reason, I was miserable.

A few weeks later I found myself in front of a huge, blank whiteboard trying to sketch out why i was feeling this way. Something was wrong with my business, and I wanted to figure out what it was. After what seemed like hours, I wrote down two words:

I asked myself, "WHO is the person I really want to work with?"

Up to that point in my business, I had been trying to sell to anyone and everyone I could. While that sounds smart at first, it left me tired, frustrated, and empty inside.

After I got a good idea of WHO I would ideally work with if I had that choice, I started to think about the RESULT I would want to give them. I asked myself, "Where could I serve my customers at the highest level?" I realized it wasn't through a product of service. Rather, it was by giving them a result that would change their lives. That result is where i wanted to take my customers.

A few minutes later, I added two more words to the board:

Where are these people? How can I find them online? What type of BAIT can I create to attract my dream client and repel everyone else?

These questions eventually became the outline for what we now call " The Secret Formula," and it's really the fist step you have to take before you can grow any company.

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