He Became the Aunt of His Best Friend after Waking Up

The kids and I are back from our Staycation at Boomtown. After visit to ER with Jonathon who lost his balance sitting on edge of tub falling backwards hitting head on soap dish part breaking it and gashing his head we went swimming. Then Monday went to therapy Jonathon wanted to go, then went back swam a little, laid up a little.Then wrestling and bed. Woke up this morning loaded up and come on home. Now back to reality of cleaning, cooking and clothes.Thought the 3 C's were suppose to be for Clarity, Color and Carat! I think I'm being jacked, robbed! LOL But back to Jonathon he is fine no stitches or anything. But hehas been complaining his mouth hurts, wisdom teeth coming I believe. But with the plates and screws all around the nasal area and jaws he has to wait a week to get in the Oral Facial clinic he needs to go to see the Doctor/Dentist that did his reconstructive surgery. So keep him in your prayers for his pain. Got him Oragel and giving Ibuprofin. It's all I can do right now but I know his pain. As does his sister and brother I believe. So just say a litlle prayer for him. Thank you and God Bless! He Became the Aunt of His Best Friend after Waking Up