Hua Hua Yao Long

Psalm 32: 5-11.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye"
Psalm 32: 8.

God wants to forgive our sins, for forgiveness has always been part of His loving nature because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross of Calvary---shedding of His precious blood for mankind. But some of us who have refused to repent cannot find God, not that God has hidden Himself, but because such ones have refused to come to Him with repentant hearts, rather they hold unto their sin by trying to hide it. We actually need to confess our wrong doings before the Lord. One may ask, "What is confession? " To confess our sins is to agree with God, acknowledging that He is right to declare what we have done as sinful and that we are wrong to desire or to do it. It means affirming our intention of forsaking our sins in order to follow God more faithfully. And admitting our guilt and the wrong that has been done with a heart that is ready to change, will always result in God's gracious pardon, the removal of guilt and the gift of His loving Presence---i, e. , the Holy Spirit (Psa.32:5).
The Lord promises to instruct and guide us--believers in Christ (i, e. , those who have been forgiven for their sins), through the power of the Holy Spirit that is within us. For when one returns to the Lord in full confession and repentance, he or she has submitted himself or herself to God's instructions (Psa.33:18; 34:15). This is because in rebellion, one seeks to live according to his or her own rules; but in repentance, one seeks to return to the rule of God in his or her life. I want you to know that God longs to guide us with love and wisdom rather than punishment, and He also offers to teach us the best way to go. So as believers, we are to show evidence of a humble and teachable spirit, show that we treasure the Holy Spirit's presence and counsel (Psa.32:7), trust Him completely (v.10), rejoice in Him and continue to do what is right (v.11). We should also accept the counsel written in God's Word. Beloved, be assured to have joy and peace of mind when you relinquish your will to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but if you are still struggling against His guidance, you will have little or no joy and peace of mind (Eccl.2:26; 8:15; 9:7; Phil.4:4). For the Holy Spirit can tell you what to do in every situation. Hua Hua Yao Long
I want you to know that the reason many of us Christians are frustrated today is because we don't consult the Holy Spirit for help, guidance or direction. We'd rather go to a relative or friend for help when we are in trouble. Sadly, those we meet for help can only give us counsels based on human reasoning and sense knowledge; and that doesn't always work! Learn to consult the Holy Spirit for answers to every situation in your life. Always ask Him for guidance and direction concerning everything you do. When you face challenges that seems insurmountable, call on Him, and He will tell you what to do; He will give you the strategies to employ. The great men and women we read about in the Bible understood this truth, which was why they never took a major step until they had consulted with the LORD. For example, Joshua had to rely on the Holy Spirit to tell him how to take over Jericho, and the Captain of the Lord's host gave him (Joshua) a strategy no human thinking could have reasoned out (Joshua 5).
Do you know that no human mind could have thought of bringing down those monstrous walls of Jericho just by blowing trumpets and having the people shout and praise God. But the Holy Spirit said so and it happened just that way. The Word of God says, "By faith the walls of Jericho fell down-----" (Heb.11:30). Beloved, I encourage you to learn to trust the Holy Spirit; depend on Him at all times, for He is with you, in you and for you! If you will only ask Him---He will teach you, guide you and lead you into victory in everything you do in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.