I just Want to Be in a Relationship

What measures would you take in this scenario? 20 yof fall victim from 3 ft out of moving vehicle going approx 25-30 miles around turn. Pt lands head first. Prone position. Unresponsive but breathing. Rapid pulse. Eyes dilated but equal and sluggish. Blood on pavement. Unable to locate source of bleeding based on position.

I first pushed the bystanders away, some sought help. Off duty fire rescue man has head stabilization in the same position found until further ems help came to apply proper cspine and backboard. I checked pulse, airway, pupils, tried to source bleeding but couldn't find where it was coming from.Pt became responsive, asked her questions to determine alert status, areas of pain, checked posterior side of limbs and body for tenderness, swelling, and deformity. Ems came and we were able to apply proper c spine. Ems determined hematoma and crepitus on the area of her skull that I couldn't access because of her initial position. I just Want to Be in a Relationship

Was there anything more I could have done in this situation without my jumpkit?