If We Cannot Grow Old Together

My friends and I are doing a challenge today to share our story! Here are some things that changed about my health on my 30 days to healthy living journey......

I don't have some cute before/after photo to share because I honestly didn't do this for that. I've never been considered overweight or anything like that, even at my chunkiest I was "average." I tried Arbonne because I was desperate to be quite honest. Lol. I was desperate to feel healthy. I was 23 years old on 4 pil ... ls a day, in and out of doctor's offices, afraid to EAT because I didn't know what would come of it. That's insane, y'all. I had gastritis that had my stomach in all sorts of hurt(burning/sharp pains/aches/soreness), ulcers that were forming due to those issues and stress, stress because I was afraid of the next wave of pains to set in, UTIs, severe acne(hurt to touch my face or even wear a shirt sometimes), & consistent migraines(3-4 a month) since I was in grade school. All of this without any real answers, just medications to ease the suffering. I was almost literally falling apart. My relationships and schoolwork all took a major hit because it was one complication after another and I was honestly miserable. Now, it's GONE. Everything. I still can't believe it some days. Sure, I still have the occasional breakout(I'm human). But it's like everything else never existed. I have so much energy, a better attitude, no migraines, no stomach pains, no UTIs, less stress. It's all because I chose not to suffer in silence. I found something that turned my whole life around, & my only regret is not starting sooner! If We Cannot Grow Old Together

This isn't some miracle pill, I'm not trying to squeeze money out of you, I'm not promoting a fad diet. I'm promoting REAL, SAFE NUTRITION to help you build an entirely new LIFESTYLE. We all deserve to feel 100%, why are you waiting for your turn? I would love to coach you!

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