Leave the Last Bullet to Me

Need some advice about diaper rash treatment. We have tried everything and I've taken my 8 wk old to her pediatrician 3x so far. They prescribed nystatin and when that didn't work, they had me make a paste out of bentonite clay, distilled water, and lanolin. They said it's a yeast infection. I've had her bum diaper free getting air and light most days. We wash our hands before and after diaper changes (which we do frequently because she is breastfed). We have tried butt paste Leave the Last Bullet to Me ... , a&d ointment, desitin, aquaphor, vaseline, organic coconut oil, diaper derm, diaper doo, micanazole, jock itch cream, breast milk, blow drying her bottom on cool air, browned flour, resinol, and calmoseptine. I've also switched her diapers and wipes to no avail. We don't really wipe her either.
Spray and dab. Any suggestions because we feel terrible and her pediatricians office just keeps coming up with random suggestions after each one doesn't work. Thank you.

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