Master Duan’s Beloved Wife: A Lovely Spendthrift

A story from CrossFit about catching 5 European based athletes testing positive for performance enhancing drugs was released a couple of days ago.

I therefore have just started watching "Icarus" on Netflix as recommended by a friend. It's about an amateur cyclist who tries out "doping" to experience the performance improvement.

Within the first 10 minutes it shows a picture of this man on the left. He was the head honcho at the Russian Anti-Doping group, and he was telling th ... is amateur cyclist how to avoid positive test results. Being a part of the 2012 games, seeing him in front of this signage, with the same ID pass that I had the honour of owning, has made me feel sick, and incredibly agitated.

I personally held and presented 2 bronze medals for 2 female Russian athlete who we on the podium for the 800m and the 1500m. I walked in front of them and held the tray out, handing it to the VIP who presented them with this prestigious award.

Being an ex-track athlete, being given the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Medal Bearer at the track and field event at the London 2012 Olympics, and then finding out that Ekaterina Poistogova, who I beared the medal for, failed tests, has left a big black mark on this special memory for me.

I'm not letting this overshadow my experience, but I can't help but feel emotionally connected to the event, and I feel like my reaction is honest and justified.

PEDs are easily the WORST thing happening in sport, and it destroys careers and lives for those who are clean. I hope that sport can still be an outlet for the majority of our world population, but if PED taking continues, and grows, then we are in trouble of losing the positive side of something incredibly special to the human race.... Master Duan’s Beloved Wife: A Lovely Spendthrift

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