My Sassy 'Crown Princess'

God created a numbers
One universe
One world
One me
Billions of people ...
Trillions of seconds
Zillions of a dream
One final solution
Humankind creates with mathematics
Thousands of opportunity
Hundred of dream
One final solution
Mathematics uses whole numbers
>negative numbers
>rational number
>complex number
>real number
>absolute values
And fractions
To enumerate broken promises
Positive dislikes
Irrational fears
Simple faith
Imaginary riches
The depths of despair
Growing bitterness
And fractured trust

Mathematics measures the force of a gale
The velocity of a bullet
The distance to the nearest solar system
And the wavelength of my love's laughter

Mathematics numbers for good,the bad,the lost,the lonely,
The hungry,the homeless, the hopeless,the dispossessed,the disadvantaged,the victors, the victims, the cold,the unkind and My Sassy 'Crown Princess'
The indifferent

Mathematics tells me
How much time have spent and how many hours have left
How many tears split and how many laughs shared
How many sorrows multiplied and how many burdens divided
How many friends will cry at my funeral and how many nails my coffin will have


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