One Hundred Ways to Satisfy Your Beloved Wife

Never a dull moment. The other night Quinton set out mouse traps all over the house, but careful not to put them where the dogs would get hurt. Soon we were in business, we started catching mice. However, Crazy MaMa, thought she was being helpful by bringing the trap, in the linen closet, to us, every time the trap caught a mouse. Well, we guess she followed Kathryn, with the mouse in trap, into Kat's bedroom...Kat didn't notice and shut MaMa in her room..(where we moved ... her babies). Later, when Kat went back into her room, looking for MaMa, Kat saw that MaMa had given the dead mouse, trap and all, to her babies. Scout, the runt, was busy chewing on the dead mouse, when Kat snatched it away. Next thing we knew, Scout, was sick. He had fever and loose stools...wouldn't eat and just wanted to sleep. Thanks to his mama's present, Kat and Quinton spent the next morning calling around to find a vet with an open appointment!! They ended up driving 30 minutes to a vet and paying almost $200. to get worm medicine and antibiotics for Scout. The Vet was nice enough to give her medicine to treat MaMa, Little Man (dad), Scout, Fiona, and Little Man Jr. Scout is still feeling sick, but he should be alright...even though his mother tried to kill him, feeding her babies a dead mouse is something Kat's mom would do lol joking (I hope..don't know about that one either)!!! That little MaMa is such a crazy mother, but she is so tiny and cute...ya just gotta love her!! One Hundred Ways to Satisfy Your Beloved Wife

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