One Useless Rebirth

Quick recap for those playing the at home game. Two weeks ago I got the worst case of poison ivy in my life. Because of being so contagious I missed a week of classes and work. Because my face was so swollen I could barely see, I couldn't keep up with with the homework. The steroids they gave me gave me insomnia for a week. But, they didn't give me enough to get rid of the infection, so because I had open wounds I ended up getting another infection under my skin (pictures in ... comments). I do everything I'm told only to find out Kent screwed me and now I won't get my refund until after vacation. The interior door handle of my car breaks, when I have my first job in nearly four years, and I drive for that job. Cary Elwes, whom we got screwed out of meeting in Indianapolis and is the entire reason we got tickets to Cincy in the first place, just cancelled late last night due to a scheduling change, so we still aren't going to get to meet him. Oh, and at some point yesterday I severely bruised my tailbone so now standing, sitting, pretty much moving in general, sends sharp and excruciating pain throughout my body. Yeah, pretty sure that sums up my last two and a half weeks. Oh, and between diseases I've only gotten to the gym once since all this started, so my primary coping mechanism is also gone. One Useless Rebirth

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