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Juicing and blending .... let's talk about the differences and benefits of both.

Juicing separates juice (nutrients and water) from the fiber or pulp of the fruit/vegetable. This can be beneficial if needing to give your digestive system and colon a rest for a bit. This method also gives you a super concentrated shot of nutrients, faster. Since juicing is so nutrient rich, it is restorative at a cellular level. However, since it is missing the vital element of fiber, juice wi ... ll lack some whole food benefits and 10-20% of anti-oxidants. And fiber is crucial for cleansing of toxins from the body and of course, increases the efficiency of natural elimination. Also when you remove fiber, the juice is absorbed rather quickly into the bloodstream, which can cause some spikes in blood sugar.

Powerful blenders mash all the fruit/vegetables together, crushing cell walls of whole foods, releasing enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. Since blended whole foods are full of fiber and nutrients, you are fuller longer, cravings decrease, energy levels can improve. In blending you'll benefit from whole food fiber, essential for cleansing and detoxification, increasing digestion and the efficiency of the colon. And higher fiber intake improves blood glucose and insulin sensitivity, eliminating blood sugar spiking and improving LDL cholesterol. Overlord in Cultivation

Bio-individuality always applies here. Both methods can be quite beneficial but yes, individuals need to explore/know what their allergy/immune triggers are and avoid or tailor to suit their individual needs. And if needed, I can help you figure those things out. While I always advocate eating whole foods as they are, I still enjoy juicing and blending on a regular basis...

Here's a detox juice that I love:

2 grapefruits (super cleansing of cholesterol and of gunk in liver/gall bladder)
1/2 apple
1/2 lemon
4 stalk of celery
1 tbsp of cinnamon (excellent for heart health)

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