President Gu's Robot Boyfriend

I love you with every beat of my heart. I know there's a lot of love stories in this world that God has made, but ours is one of the best and it's my top favorite kind of love story.

I can still remember the times when I prayed to God, I asked him to give me a girl who can truly love and take me as I am, someone who will always be there to motivate me, encourage me, support me, and cheer me up to strive for the best. Someone who can be a buddy, protector, and a lover at the ... same time. And then I met you, and all of a sudden you came into my life. Indeed, God gave me you.

You've even taught me some amazing things that helped me realized that life is a wonderful journey and there's so much more to live for.

I also remember how you set my heart in motion again. Thank you for enfolding my weird and ugly sides. You have been my greatest fan since day one. I can't promise you the entire world but I will always be here through success and failures, to have and to hold, through the good and bad times, to give you a hand to hold and be your shoulder to cry on when you failed. Thank you for loving me when I thought nobody would. I am not the best boyfriend, but I know in my self that I already did everthying to keep you happy. Maybe it's time for me to accept the fact that I can't be the one for you. President Gu's Robot Boyfriend




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