Taoist Mind Breeds Demons

World just want to share how God been working the enemy keep trying to attack. But, I am so covered everytime that devil come God block.Someone could have loss there life but instead he will live because of God.I, prayed for this young man from cayce but, his family has to do something this thing is serious.The world is dark and with all I been through im not playing any games...I would like to thank my Birth brother Terrence Goode for protecting me.My little sister Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Sabrina R ... edmond for singing to me calming me down.My cousin Teneese Boages Singleton reminding me I am a mother.My Mother for letting me know that i have to much to loose because, I had made up my mind that 2 people today was gone get it.they know who they are.But God no not being scared but, when my mom reminded me of the value I am worth owning Beach Property, 5houses and land and a business thats expanding.I, say call me what u want world cause non of u gave it to me..Smootches

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