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Wow. A bit long, a bit!?! Long, albeit fascinating to the very end.

I quite agree with his point that survivors determine the treatment's success.

I concur that the ketogenic diet works for non-cancerous dis-eases, as proven in the Atkins clinics, like diabetes, metabolic disorders, & weight loss. Clearly, not cancer. Dr. Atkins closed his cancer clinic & wrote no book on treating cancer. He most certainly did gift the world with assisting other disorders! The article's con ... clusion of there being more than one solution; of there being "non-civilization" diets (AKA no processed foods); and of there being (inserting my own words here) lower fat, & medium, not high, carbs (natural sourced carbs!), & low (if any) animal protein & fat diets that work is brilliant. With survivors as proof. IMHO The key is ceasing all processed, chemical, fake, enhanced, GMO foods & food-like substances.

Exert: "There are thousands of people out there who have healed cancer naturally. I meet natural survivors constantly and even share their stories on this site. Most natural cancer healing protocols involve a radical change of diet and lifestyle that includes overdosing on nutrition with juicing, lots of raw plant food, little to no animal food, supplements, and herbal cleanses along with detox protocols like coffee enemas, etc. Those are all time-tested methods validated by a large body of long-term survivors."

I disagree in one word in there. Juicing. The juicing I do involves a powerful blender (Ninja or Vitamix) that keeps & pulverizes all of the parts of the plants instead of separating them & throwing away the fiber. Juicing with a juicer keeps the liquid & throws away half of the nutrients.

So, my answer to a friend's long-ago question is I pick some form of a vegetarian diet over a ketogenic one. Natural, chemical-free, locally grown veggies & fruit. (By the time any fruit or veggie makes it to the grocery store it's lost 80% of its nutrients. Organic or regular.) Local! Flavorful! Yum! And half an hour of exercise a day. Anything. Just walking. Anything. And great sleep, cuddles & hugs, great sex & love, clean water & teas, mediation &/or prayers, laughter & joy, & stress-less kindness to ourselves & others. Namaste. Tempting You to Marry Me—Pampered Cute Wifey <3

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