The Dead Cycle

Husband brag:

Mark Pinta and I will soon be celebrating 13 years together. This hottie was my best friend and continues to love me so very well.
He works so hard with his job and although I know he's exhausted daily he chooses to enjoy his family and embrace the moments he has with us.
In the middle of the night, I became very sick. I tried so hard to be quite, but Mark heard be and gladly helped take care of me. Early this morning he made arrangements to stay home without e ... ven talking to me so that I could rest as much as possible.
All day the twins were fussy and challenging, but Mark played with them, fed them, changed them, and enjoyed them as much as possible.
I'm thankfully out of zombie mode, but come to find out my poor husband had a stomach ache most of the day and has been sick in bed all evening. Prayers appreciated for my rock to heal and get the rest he needs. H The Dead Cycle

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