The Legend of the Concubine's Daughter

If you offered my dog the choice of a piece of chocolate and a piece of dried dog food, I'm pretty confident she would go for the chocolate. I don't give her chocolate, ever. The reason I don't is that I'm told chocolate can be very bad for dogs. Even life threatening. But my dog doesn't know that. But on the face of it, I suspect she would not be aware of the things that I've read about that tell me chocolate I'd bad for dogs. That's why I make the decision to give her a goo ... d diet. I'm acting in her best interests. I don't get thanked for it. But that's just how it is. Now then. This brexit thing. The British public were asked to vote on something that was very complex and that would have a great national impact. They could not possibly have been expected to know all the implications of what might happen. They were fed information that was has since been proven to be untrue by the politicians who had their own interests to protect. An anti immigration stance was adopted by the leave campaigners not because immigration is a problem in the UK, but because history has taught us that fear of foreigners is the easiest emotion to tap into to get support for anything. It's a cheap political trick, but it works. This ensured a leave vote. The electorate didn't know any better. The Legend of the Concubine's Daughter
What has since become apparent is that not only did the population of the UK go through this process with a comprehension gap, so did the politicians. Astonishingly, David Davis, the man in charge of brexit negotiations, a man who has campaigned to leave the EU for most of his political career, has been exposed as a charlatan. He simply does not know what he is doing!! He has been exposed many times during the negotiations as a man completely out of his depth. He is like someone on a driving test who doesn't know how to start the car.
We're reaching the stage in the negotiations at which we will need the co operation of the other 27 member states. There are many obstacles to overcome and Davis can't procrastinate for much longer. Spain is having its internal problems just now. What they need is something to unite their country. Gibraltar is about to become a stumbling block in the negotiations. We will face a choice. Continue with this complete madness or lose Gibraltar. As an ex navy man, I don't like the prospect of losing what is an important strategic piece of territory. And I don't think we will. Because somebody, at some point, has got to wake these clowns up and stop brexit.

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