To Walk The Mist

Hey Zane,

I'm sure you'll keep me anonymous, so I'll just start.
Last year I met this guy on one of those dating apps, and he was cool so we began to talk more and more. He took me on a few dates & mind you we met on app. So this seemed promising considering the fact that we shared a lot of things in common & he fit the standard I was hoping to have in a potential husband. No kids, great job, own place, single etc.
(FIRST DATE) I agreed to meet him half way & ride with him ... (I'll never do that again). He was a gentleman, but I don't know. He was hideous. I mean it was no catfish he just apparently knew how to take great pictures & used Hella filters. But what took the cake was he was so sexually flirty. He kept hinting to go back to his place and just so much that I wasn't feeling. ( like kicking his lips at me, winking, etc.) So me being the person I am (a communicator) decided to express to him how he made me feel. He was very apologetic, but weeks later it's the same thing so I just broke things off & expressed to him why. Saying that we're both clearly looking for 2 different things & it's not gonna work.
Mind you I prayed for this dude. I specifically cried out to God asking him for all of what he was & I even said I didn't care how he looked.(Bih, I'll never say that again)

Fast forward to this year.... he hit me up, I'm still single & he's still ugly, but now I'm beginning to worry because maybe I ain't as cute as I think I am ( jkjk, I'm bomb.) & just like last year we started talking & everything was cool & out of nowhere he asked to cuddle, like dude... wtf?

I want to like him because he seems like my dream man but he's to pushy & in the mean time I've been smashing this other dude because he's fine, but has none of the ugly guys qualities. What do I do, I'm 28 & 30 is approaching, no kids, good job... Should I leave the ugly duckling alone for good or be patient & give him a chance. Help me out, you & your readers...

The Princess & the Frog

MY RESPONSE: The mere fact that you felt the need to sign this The Princess and the Frog says it all. He is not attractive to you and that is cool. Let him find a woman who does find him attractive. Everyone is attractive to someone. Also, you say that he has good qualities but I don't feel being sexually suggestive and making you feel uncomfortable, along with manipulating photos to even get you in that position, are pleasant traits. He sees you as a challenge and if you sleep with him, he may dump you after that anyway. He may just be trying to soothe his ego because of what you said before. Good luck but you need to find a man that you don't refer to as being "still ugly" as a partner. To Walk The Mist

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