Young Military Rarities

***I didn't finish my comment, so I repost it here to be very visible.
***Thanks Patita Gaxiola for the support, not for me but for Women's RIGHT to love whomever guy of legal age she feels like. As you can see from nobody else from the hundreds of women I have on my FB, nobody else did, & I am sure a lot of women even in their 70 or 80s, would LOVE to have a young, sweet smelling, full of enthusiasm still open minded & heart MAN, Oh yes, MAN because those young guys have ... more guts than the old ones good only for criticizing Women that are TIRED of their selfish, abusive, close mind & heart's ways. YES, W.W.W. (Wonderful, Wise, Women) are running away of patriarchal "rules" that benefit only dominant, insecure "machos" & no disapproval or mockery will stop US; If you middle aged or plain decrepit male don't like it, complaining or making fun will not help YOU; If you want a woman, CLEAN YOUR ACT; Stop smoking & drinking, that makes you smell terrible and get everything soft, including your brain. Learn how to dance, to cook, to PERFORM at love making, you don't have the energy any more, at least get the romance and ELEGANCE or...SHUT UP! I am not into shaming or making the lot of Women heavier & more bitter than it must be already for those that condemn or suppress their own feelings regarding the subject of loving or plain going out just to have fun with younger, no, a LOT younger men; But, the Women that have the Courage, yes, Courageous Cougars & cute Cubs, or for short CC&CC *-D are guilty only to brake patriarchal "taboos", taboos that are good only to make suffer people, no not talking about the BIGOTS suffering, but about Free Thinkers in yet another victimless "crime" where ADULTS use their own bodies, time & resources in something that is protected by the Constitution Herself; "THE PERSUE OF HAPPINESS". I wonder until when women will be policing other women into submission to stupid, abusive "traditions". Wake up siSTARS, Stop being the main weapon of patriarchy, Unite & Love your courageous siStars; Even if you are really not attracted to younger MEN---aren't you really? wink---Stand up for your sisters, NOT against! Unite, Re-MEMBER. Think seriously about this issue and find out the truth; Is PRIVATE matter that does not harm anyone. Just take a look at the couples faces so much in discussion; Are they suffering or in EXTASIS with each other? This is the same principle I apply to be PRO MARIJUANA; I do not use it, never had, but, as someone that do not recall said; "I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU, BUT WILL DEFEND WITH MY LIFE YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT!" (Or do it as in this case.) WAKE UP! They are your sisters/female friends AND your handsome sons that want to be happy! Young Military Rarities

JUAR,JUAR,JUAR! Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. *-D

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